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Lambrettta Roller
Nicolas Miller
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Lambrettta Roller
The Lambretta scooter was designed for manufacture in Milan Italy in 1947. The iconic design was created by ferdinando innocenti.

Its birth revolutionised transport and rivalled the established motorbike. The extensive curves and clean lines gave the scooter striking appeal.
Adopted by the Mods in the swinging 60's which symbolised freedom, this gave people a chance to express themselves primarily through dress, music, and wheels. The Mods transformed the Lambretta scooter by adding vast arrays of accessories emphasising its distinctive manifestation.

My relationship with the scooter is somewhat distant but through discovering that my father owned one I was intrigued to unearth more. Back then a Lambretta would have cost around €100. Nowadays one of these rare items can cost up to €8,000, as collectors seek to purchase a part of history which it typifies so elegantly.

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