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Transistor Radio with Earpiece
Klaus Ulbricht, Berlin
Besthander seit 26.08.2015 | 7 Suchstories
Transistor Radio with Earpiece
Before the MP3 was the Walkman and before that was the „tranny“ - the transistor radio. Personal radios existed before their mass popularity in the 1960's, but then they became a teenage “must-have”. My first transistor saw me through my 1970's school years, was more advanced, but still only received medium wave. At that time, there were just 3 local stations in the London area. I called this my “school tranny” though only listened to it going to and from school. Nobody else ever seemed to have a radio with them.

I must have lost my precious transistor during moving from London to Berlin in 1999 and I have been looking for a similar item since then.
Veröffentlicht: 07.04.2016 | Aktualisiert: 11.04.2016
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