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Swagerty Ukuleles – Old School Gadget
Wolfgang J. Schaub, Berlin
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Swagerty Ukuleles – Old School Gadget
Swagerty-ukuleles are some of the most unique and radical ukuleles ever produced and one of the favorite surfing gadgets.

Swagerty first began producing ukuleles the late 1950s and became massively popular during the big surf trend of the 50s and 60s in California. The idea behind the long head stocks here is suppose to be that you can stick the Ukulele head first into the sand while you are surfing at the beach.
Swagerty offered three models of their novelty ukuleles from smallest to largest they were the Surfa-lele, the Kook-a-la-lee and the Singing Treholipee. Altough there were intented primarily as decorative wall art, it turned out they are also playable when set up.

I am a big fan of old school gadgets (especial musical ones) and I always wanted to get one of these pieces.

I hope I find people here who share the same passion and taste!
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