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Christos Umbrella-Skizzen
Nicolas Miller
Besthander seit 07.04.2016 | 9 Suchstories
Christos Umbrella-Skizzen
My big passion is “Landart” - the art in which landscape and artwork are inextricably linked. My first acquaintance with Landart happened at the age of 13, as I was travelling with my parents through the great Central Valley of California. There I witnessed in astonishment the first ‘Landart’ work of my life: Christos yellow “Umbrellas” running down the hill, highlighting and outlining the contours of the wonderful landscape.

Landart’s nature is ephemeral - it’s not meant to last forever. But what I saw back in 1991 will always stay in my memory. In my attempt to keep this memory alive as long as possible I decided to search for some surving material.

I found out that there are some sketches of this work made and signed by Christo. I would be very happy to acquire at least one of them for a fair price. I am looking forward to your feedback!
Veröffentlicht: 07.04.2016 | Aktualisiert: 18.04.2016
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